At Swisspack, we produce zippers or zippers adaptable to all types of bags and packaging sachets. Our zip closures are manufactured in 2 different sizes namely 5mm and 25mm and the minimum order of zip closures is 3000 meters.

You have the option of ordering zip closures with bags or sachets, or a single order of zip closures in roll form.

However, you can make the production process faster because our zippers just need a low temperature to make them waterproof.

The zippers we provide can be installed in packaging such as:

  • Stand up pouches
  • Flat bottom pouches
  • Sealed quadri bags
  • Vacuum bags
  • Kraft bags
  • And others…

NB: The weight and capacity of our bags in the photos below are based on the weight of the roasted coffee beans. The capacity of other products may vary depending on their density, so please verify the product by physically filling the bags and make sure about the sizes.

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